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Winter Yoga Class

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness, will we be able to discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brene Brown

As the days shorten, we welcome the darkness. We honor this time by turning inward, taking personal inventory, acknowledging all aspects of ourselves (the light and the dark), connecting to our heart’s desires, letting go of the things that no longer serve us, and planting seeds of intention. 

I went to a Winter Solstice Yoga class last night at #theoriginalvinyasa Center for Yoga. It was exactly what I needed to make it through this last stretch before Christmas. I have been trying to let the light come in more by seeking moments of quiet. Noticing the stillness and only getting into my head and onto my mat seemed to be the answer. She used the quote in the beginning which was beautiful. The flow itself was very similar to the one we learned in YTT, and the end had a nice Yin. The cold, damp towel with Eucalyptus and Geranium essential oil made it even extra special. 
Here is a Christmas Yoga Playlist Enjoy!


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