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How Do I Treat the Women in My Life?

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Today is a good day to ponder: How do I treat the women in my life?

Am I appreciative and respectful towards my mom ?

Am I polite and kind towards my aunts?

Do I actually listen to my sisters or just wait my turn to speak?

Am I patient and loving towards my daughters, accepting their developmental stages and not getting frustrated

when they can’t and don’t behave the way I want them to all the time? (????????☄️)

Am I am honest friend, or do I overcommit knowing I’ll probably bail, disrespecting their time?

And how about to myself? Do I nurture and respect my bag of bones? Do I stay in my comfort zone, unwilling to grow?

Let’s make 2017 our year to love the women in our lives better.




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