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Survive and Thrive Parenting Toddlers

The Whole Brained Child

Finding the time to read parenting books is hard, but a wonderful resource. I have been using the iBook application to listen to audiobooks. I can do this in the car, cooking dinner, unloading the dishwasher and on my morning walk. My latest parenting book is The Whole Brain Child. It focuses on toddlers to preteens. It’s amazing as parents how we know a lot about how a child grows and develops. We know that they need a certain amount of naps, when to try food, when it’s the right time for toilet training and reading. The brain on the other hand, is not something that is as easily understood. It has several jobs and integrating them all is what helps a child use the whole brain.

The Whole Brained Child


I realized, after reading this book in the first chapter, that those moments when you’re trying to survive parenting ( a screaming toddler because their sock seem is just not right), is also a moment to thrive. This book can give you the tools in those moments to help your child thrive.



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