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your day of birth: may 25, 2012 at 00:23. that is how it was written on everything. 23 minutes into the next day or 12:23am. You were guessed the previous day to weigh about 7lb, but you were 9lb 4oz. You measured 21in long and 13 3/4in head. Everett you were beautiful. We love you more than words can describe.

Dear Everett,
You were conceived in love and you were born in love. This morning, together with God and Dad, you came into this world.  God creates the most beautiful things. I knew I had a special bond with you before you breathed your first breath, but now that you are here, it brings tears to my eyes because I had imagined this moment every single day for the last 40 weeks (probably  more).  I can smell you, kiss your tiny nose, feel your skin and see you. It’s truly a miracle.

We had our 40 week appointment on May 22 (your due date). They checked my measurements and I was dilated and effaced. The contractions had begun, but nothing too intense. A couple days later, Thursday, May 24, I woke up with stronger contractions, but nothing like they show in the movies. I took the dogs for a walk, I sat in my favorite rocker outside and just tried to relax. After using the little girls room, I discovered my water broke. At least, I thought it did.

Dad was helping with our Battalion’s “Red Leg Day”, an artillery spouse’s fun day. I was part of organizing it and it was killing me I couldn’t pretend to play army. (I would have participated pregnant if I didn’t have contractions).  Dad came in the house with his uniform on in a little bit of an anxious state. He said, “let’s go!” I said, “calm down, why don’t you change out of your uniform and grab a book. We might be there for awhile. :)”

We went to the doctor at 9:30am and he sent us to the Hospital to get a true evaluation to see if my water did break. It turned out it was a “trickle.” However, they kept me at the hospital to monitor your little heart beat and to see if things would progress.  We stayed in our first room from 10:30 – 1:30pm. This was the OB exam room and not where we would deliver you. Our nurses were, Sheila (Aunt Sheila’s making herself known here), Carol, Roberta (She gave your dad and me too much advice about boys and Tae Kwon Do. We almost had to give her the boot).

Our final room was where we set up shop. There was a jacuzzi tub and plenty of space to move around. Amanda was our nurse. She came in to relieve Roberta. Thank goodness!!! At this time, my contractions were still bearable. Dr. Barret came in the room at 4pm to examine me to see how far along I had made it since the morning check. She said I only moved 1cm. Dang!

Dad decided to go get some food in case things heated up. When he returned I was sitting on the bed in my amniotic fluid. My water officially broke. It felt like I had poured a glass of water on myself.
Talk about sensory overload! Pretty much instantaneously,  contractions intensified.  Your dad came in smelling like Diet Pepsi and understanding the situation. We had talked about it ahead of time that we were going to use the birthing ball, the jacuzzi, turn off the lights, everything that my favorite prenatal book said to do.  When it came down to the moments where it was only a few seconds between contractions, the only thing that pulled me through it was your dad breathing with me. He encouraged those breaths when I lost focus. Breathe, Breath, Breathe. He kept saying to me. He will have no idea how incredibly helpful that was to me in those moments.

I was in and out of the bath tub every chance I could get, until it
started making me nauseous. I threw up  twice. If it was the pain, feeling to warm, or the last month of MAJOR acid reflux, I will never
know. I do remember thinking to myself that dad’s breath smelt bad and I
resisted commenting because I knew mine must have smelt worse. He was
being such a good teammate that I couldn’t ruin our moment by
complaining about his pepsi breath. (By the way, he must have run in and
out of the room 6 times in between contractions to “hydrate” with the
smallest diet pepsi cans I have ever seen.)

Your heart rate continued to stay normal throughout the whole process. The nurses kept saying to us that you seemed to be a very happy baby. I am glad to hear your time in the womb must have been happy that you didn’t mind the frightening adventure out into the world. 

I tried about 100 positions to get comfortable. My time spent pushing probably lasted an hour and a half. I wanted you to be born on the 24th because that was our 1000 day of being married, but I don’t mind. 5.25 has a nice ring to it.

I ended up doing the final push using the birthing bar with a wet washcloth on my forehead. (Another amazing thing Dad did was go back and forth from the sink with a cold washcloth. It felt amazing!) The doctor, Daddy and the nurse all shouted open your eyes. I grabbed your little armpits and pulled you up on my chest. The adrenaline was pumping through me that I didn’t cry. I always thought I would, but I was SO happy I had delivered you without any medicine and you were here. Dad cut your cord and I held you for an hour. They cleaned you up and dad never left your side. After I had my stitches, I walked myself to our new private room. I took a shower while you were getting yourself cleaned up by the nurses. It felt amazing to look down and not see a giant ball. I could see things that I hadn’t for awhile. I was sore, but not tired. I let dad snuggle on my bed with me, but I couldn’t sleep. It was the three of us in this little room and life couldn’t get any better than that moment.  

You are so handsome and strong – holding up your head for us. You seem so comfortable in dad’s arms too. I look forward to watching you grow baby boy.

Son, remember when you grow up and go through this with your wife to be as patient, loving and strong for her like dad. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him. He has always been the best teammate.

I love you more than I could put into words, but I know that the love I share with your dad is so special to me, that you being here makes us complete. You are a part of us both.


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