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Spring Around Here

three little peacocks

The beauty of spring in MIchigan is even when it’s 50 Degrees and overcast, everyone is still excited to be outside. The tree lined streets have been painted the prettiest shades of pink, green, purple and all the tulips springing up bring happiness to all of our faces. Yesterday, Eleanor opened the sliding door and said, “oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous!” She even feels the spring fever!

We have been enjoying lots of popsicles, playing in the sand box, bike rides, and using the chalk from our easter baskets.

It’s a month away from the two big E’s birthdays and I am pretty excited for it. Our good friends will be in town with their kids and we hope to have a painting party with some balloons! Eleanor when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday said, “candy, cake and baloons.” I asked her if she wanted any toys and she quickly responded, “NO!”




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