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so it’s the new year

wow. it’s been awhile since i have posted. i was busy with babies, yoga, living at my parents, and trying to get food in my mouth.

for 12 weeks i completed jonny kest’s teacher training with the center for yoga and lifetime fitness. it was life changing to say the least. it was way more of a personal growth journey than i imagined. i met people that had similar goals and strengthened my mind, body and spirit. it was difficult being without my partner for 12 weeks, but luckily he came for a visit. i am now a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. it was a goal i was actively pursuing for more than 3 years. i am so happy to say that i achieved it before i turned 30 this winter.

aaron asked me if i wanted to make a list of goals to achieve before i turn 40, and i really loved that idea. most of my ideas relate to traveling, eating and being creative in some way. i also would really like to sit at a ten day vipassana and have a couple more babies. maybe even some bunnies.

for now, i am focusing on the year ahead and i wanted to share some of my goals.

2015 | GOALS |
create something once a month
take pictures monthly (not just of kids and dogs)
52 yoga practices (ashtanga preferably)
finish my feedbacks with CFY
I want to remember book
Practice Metta
Grow some plants without killing them
Hit 10K steps daily (fitbit)
Monthly date night (Aaron takes Odd, I take the Even months)
Launch some projects on the blog
Sabbath from my phone weekly…. I am thinking Sundays. 
Vipassana Meditate 3-5 times a week 20 minutes each time


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