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Long Hair + Pregnancy with Beautycounter

Beautycounter Hair

Long hair maintenance is easy for me, especially during pregnancy. All the marvelous hormones (estrogen) that make us sick and create problem areas with our skin, also strengthen the hair follicles. Together with Beautycounter’s new hair care line, my locks have never been stronger!

Beautycounter Hair Products

My hair routine might be the laziest blogger routine. I usually only cut it twice a year, rarely use heat on it and probably wash it every three to four days. However, approaching 33 years old with almost four children, I’ve been growing those pesky gray hairs. This means, after having this baby, I may consider some natural hair dye.

Beautycounter hair

Hair products can be expensive and useless in the end. Except for Dippity Do. That green gel ALWAYS worked for dance recitals.  Finding hair products that are safe in their production process, but also innovative with the ingredients is really tricky. The gimmicks are always there on the advertisement, but the label never lies. I am happy I can stand behind Beautycounter’s hair care products and I REALLY like that I can go a little bit longer in between washes because of the makeup.

Beautycounter Hair

Repair and Nourish Split End Serum leaves my hair with protection without the added grease some traditional serums do. I apply this after the shower to my ends and typically let it air dry. When applying heat to it instead, I notice a difference with an added polish to my hair. With long hair, split ends are inevitable, pesky little buggers, but the Brazilian bataua and macadamia oils nourish while helping prevent future breakage so ends stay soft and healthy.

Beautycounter Hair Product

The shampoo I currently use is the Daily Shampoo. I purchased this in June and still have 1/4 of the bottle. For a price point of $22, that is comparable to Aveda or Biolage, I am not purchasing a new bottle every month when it runs out.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about Beautycounter Hair Line or check out the website.


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