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Peter and the Wolf Birthday Party

We like music and wolves in this house.  The first time Everett heard Peter and the Wolf on the radio his mind was pretty blown away. Since October, I have probably listened to the musical theater piece a thousand times. We have it on YouTube, a cd, a record and on my phone. It really cannot be avoided to listen to.

spoonflower is amazing for making your own paper. The images I found via Pinterest.

Both Eleanor and Everett enjoy playing the characters too. Each character is represented by a piece from the orchestra. If your child hasn’t listened to it, I suggest trying in the car. It just felt right to make Everett’s birthday theme around that. Especially since we found some musical instruments from the land of nod and this piano preschool box.

The beginning of the day Everett had school. They made him a birthday crown. When Eleanor and I picked him up from school we had a car filled with balloons. He decided that they were going to have a balloon show after they dug for worms in the backyard. And that is exactly what they did. 

I really tried to get Everett to nap since we were having grandparents over for dinner. It was a struggle and it didn’t happen. This transition from naps to no naps makes the hours of 4-7 pretty hard to manage. Instead we colored and played outside for a little bit. He was most excited when his sister woke up from her nap. They went outside to play while I put Amelia down for her nap. (One goes down then one wakes up). I came outside to see two naked children putting the sand from the sandbox into the water table. I couldn’t help but laugh and join in on the mess. You only turn four once right?? 

He asked for a strawberry cake. Except he did not want strawberries inside of it. He wasn’t too clear about them being on top either but I added them for garnish. I used this recipe and added beet juice for color

wolf cake topper from etsy.

Dad came home from work and Everett helped with the grill, watched a little bit of shrek, and played his euclalel. Grandparents came but Everett was far too excited to open gifts to eat. He recieved the coolest music box set and a telescope. 

I can tell he is loosing that baby and toddler traits most of the time. He has been filled with imaginative play which is so darling and frustrating at times. I enjoy watching his creative side but sometimes he gets lost in it and it’s hard to bring him back to reality. I feel like such a mom when I yell “close the door behind you! What are you born in a barn?”

It’s amazing how he has grown to be so kind and thoughtful too. He calls his sisters cutesie names like “sweetheart, sweetie, and honey!” When Amelia is upset he usually tries to bring her his blanket or a toy. 

He’s so dang smart sometimes and dealt picks up on words we say. If he is confused or comes in late for a conversation, he will get the funniest scrunchie face and say “whatchayou say??” At school he is already sounding out words and letters which blows my mind. He even knows how to sound out “damnit”.  

The fours I believe will be a little less demanding than the threes. Time will tell. But I’m excited to see him this summer in his element. Happy birthday big dude. Mom loves you so much. More than all the stars. 


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    Where did you get the images for the paper you made on spoon flower?

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    Hey Jennifer, I have it linked in the post! 🙂

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