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Peacock Travels: Let’s Go Fly a Kite

detroit kite festival

Belle Isle is a gorgeous place to explore with your family in Detroit, Michigan. It truly is a gem. When it became one of Michigan’s State Parks in 2014, as part of a lease agreement with the city of Detroit the grounds really improved the quality.  We decided to attend the Detroit’s Kite Festival yesterday there and it did not disappoint. With a blessing by a Cherokee Indian to kick things off and kites to build or borrow, there was plenty to explore with our kids. It was spectacular!



Let’s Go Fly a Kite


Detroit Kite Festival included a station for DIY kite. This was sponsored by the Detroit Institute of Art Education Dept. Making a kite would be a great project for a windy day at home this summer. Tools needed are a paper bag, string and some wooden dowels. This blog has some great ideas!

flying a kite

kite festival

Everett really wanted to succeed and found some frustrations with the kites that didn’t stay up for too long. I think he was spoiled with his first attempt because all he did was hold the string. Kite Crew helped him. The kite was hanging out in the sky. When he wanted to try a new kite, he had to do the whole process himself. However, watching the kids run and laugh was the coolest.


Detroit’s Gem: Belle Isle Kite Day


detroit kite festival with kids

Detroit’s unique position by the river and Canada makes this island even more appealing. Even though you’re so close to a big city, it feels like you’re miles from it! Belle Isle has some really gorgeous spots to take photos or to let kids be little. This fountain is a spot many couples take pictures at for their engagements or weddings. There is a beach, a slide, a zoo, an aquarium, a golfing range, bike trails, and a hundred parks. (Our kids did not miss one!) If you need a little outing with your family, or even a date, this place has a bit of everything!

detroit belle isle





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