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Peacock Home // Shared Kids Bedroom Part 2.

shared bedroom

Shared Room

When creating a space for a shared kids bedroom, I had some ideas from Pinterest and other home design blogs. (see first post) I also really like using actual pictures from magazines. This also helps with visuals for Aaron to be on the same page.  Creating a bedroom space for our two oldest was a priority this summer. We wanted to make room for them to read and play before school started and I have no more energy.

For some reason I thought it was a great idea to start a project at 4pm on a Friday. I thought I would be done the latest by 8pm. Maybe it was the IKEA furniture or perhaps it had something to do with three kids wanting to “help”; but we finished at 10pm. Everyone was exhausted, but they fell asleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillows.

We have three bedrooms upstairs, one is our master bedroom, and one big bedroom on the main level that is currently used as our Peacock Room (Family Room). In the future, we probably will create a family room in the basement and move our master room to the main level. This way, all the kids are upstairs in some arrangement and we will have “some” privacy.

Peacock Home Shared Kids Bedroom

We still need to find a lamp to replace this nursery one that we are still using. I was hoping for a bright color or sticking with white to go into whatever the next phase is. This see through one is interesting.


shared kids bedroom

Cleaning up books was next on my list. Since Everett mostly reads books that are hardcover now, the board books went into Amelia’s room. She is a bit too rough with the soft pages of hard books. This color coordination will not stay like this of this. It was only for fun! We also listen to books on CD from the library, and I LOVE this radio. It plays CD, FM/AM and Blutooth.


shared bedroom

This desk is a space that Everett can practice writing or coloring. They like to pretend they are in school too. My goal is to get three more and make one bedroom upstairs for crafts, school work and home learning. Hopefully down the road this can become a reality.


I want to get some of these clips for hanging some of their artwork up in the room. We also have a DIY project coming to use as a bookshelf for the top bunk. Showcasing the books flat face instead of the binding will encourage him to pick them up more often. He is super close to reading!


Bed / Comforter / Bookshelf / Wall Color / Rug / Radio / Toy / Light Fixture/ Curtains

Thrifted: Desk / Dresser




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