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Our Rescue Dog : Charlie

Charlie probably doesn’t get talked about much here on the blog, but he is a big part of our life – physically too! He’s a 90lb (living in a 150LB) Lab mix. We adopted him in Georgia 8 years ago. He is a scavenger – as in eats only the meat and cheese off the floor. He is a gentle giant. Thanksgiving weekend he hurt his leg outside running down the fence line while a neighbor walked by with his dog. (You would think by now people with dogs would just walk on the other side of the street or at least have their dogs on the opposite side of the fence. I know we probably should have a better fence than a picket one, and we are working at that). We took him to the vet, who is a friend of the family. He was so sweet. He had some helpers get him up on the table. Poor Charlie, they muzzle him, just in case, hold his legs down, but he showed no signs of resistant. He completely let them do their thing, which made me love him more somehow. I watched the doctor move his back leg in a way that probably shouldn’t move. He said, “He tore his ACL, we have to take him back for some x-rays and then I’ll let you know your options.” WHAT! I immediately started to well up with tears and think worst case scenario. However, I quickly googled things and felt a little better about the options. Now three weeks later, he has been on medicine and moderate time outside. I think the two worst pieces of this are no climbing upstairs. I made my cup of tea the other night to take to my bedside and usually give the dogs a quick little snack. He usually is right behind me. It’s a lonely walk up the stairs now and even more so in the middle of the night when one of the kids wakes up. He usually could care less, but having him at the foot of our bed is a comfort. Hoping in the new year we can get the surgery for him and he will again be up the stairs with us at night again.

Here is his moderate time outside. He gets so routy in the snow.


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