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Why You Need to Wake Up Before Your Children

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I can see the eye rolls from here.

Who does this chick think she is? I know the feeling. I like sleep. Waking up before the kids doesn’t happen everyday. Being a busy mother is the same as being a mother. Adding the word busy before, only makes it seem like what activities you have to finish are more important than your fellow mom. And as busy moms, we need time for ourselves.

I soon will not be following my own advice when the middle of the night nursing begins again. The long nights make it very difficult to wake up early. Being in that season of parenting is exhausting and mind numbing at times. I remember one time putting the milk away…in the cupboard. However, as the mid day nap/quiet time has slowly dwindled and pregnancy makes it SUPER hard to stay up late, I have decided the best idea is:

Waking Up First

1. Start your day for yourself. You have thoughts in your head! WHO KNEW!?!

Waking up when the kids are already running full speed leaves nothing but hyper reaction and chaos. I tend to notice my temperament is not very calm. I am annoyed very quickly. This is not how I want the kids to begin their day before school. Starting the day with intention, like the time and what needs to be done, it’s up to you and not the kids.

2. Clean face and a fresh mind equals a happier mom.

Leaving time for me to stretch, wash my face, brush my teeth, make the coffee, look at the calendar and maybe have some morning reflection is super peaceful. I feel like even if that is only 15 – 30 minutes of alone time, it works. No one is fighting, making a mess or asking for food. I think this makes me a better mom.

3. More present mother and hopefully ON TIME.

Greeting my kids in the morning with a smile instead of a bark makes things grow with intention. I am grateful for their little personalities and less frustrated when the morning struggles come. (Maybe because I had a warm cup of coffee). When I have time to get things organized before the chaos, we usually are on time for school too.


Do you wake up before your children? Am I just crazy?

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