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To All the Mothers Ending a Chapter on Motherhood

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1, 2, 3 & 4. WOW How are we here? I knew I wanted to be a mother from a very young age. Immediately after we were married, family was on our mind. I dreamt of the day we would hold our newborn baby and take him home. We knew we wanted a big family and starting younger seemed to make the most sense. However, the deployments and separations made it difficult to begin our family. It seemed like it wouldn’t happen for us for awhile, but then it did!

We feel incredibly blessed that we get to parent four little souls and I am even more grateful for this female body’s amazing capabilities. With every new day closer to meeting our fourth child, it reminds me that this chapter is coming to a close.

Pregnancy.  Only God knows if this truly is our last child I will grow in my belly. To me, physically, I believe this will be the last one. As much as the newborn snuggles and smells might make me feel differently, 8 more weeks of this pregnancy seems like forever. However, at the same time, I want to stretch it out even a little longer. It certainly is a gift and it’s so damn beautiful.

Diapers, bottles, baby gates and nap schedules will soon be a distant memory. Everett starting Kindergarten is proof of how unfairly quick time is. These bittersweet moments, also known as parenthood, sit ok with me. Life is lived in the present moment. Enjoying each moment for when it is happening will make missing the newborn age feel less sad.

For all those mamas ending this chapter on motherhood, I am looking forward to opening up many more chapters with these children and hope you are too.

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