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Monthly Update: Summer Fun with the Kids.

Summer Activities

We had a busy weekend working in the yard and getting some projects finished. When part of your business is home design (this blog) it kind of kicks the butt into gear. Our yard is getting a major overhaul too and it is all DIY. It’s been one of the last things we have tackled since we moved in two years ago. It feels great to set some goals for it.

Living on a corner gives us a lot of space for possibilities, but we need low maintenance and dog friendly. We also have 1,000,000 rocks in our yard. This was the first project on the list. Remove all the rocks and level out the yard. My husband was so strong picking away the dirt to get to the embedded rocks. We decided on an ice pick instead of a rake and that was a REALLY good idea.

The kids helped for some of the project, but they were more interested in finding worms. Can you blame them? We did find some great kid shovels from The Home Depot that made them feel important and helpful. Plus, we realized, they enjoyed digging too.

summer fun with the kids


Kids working in the yard

When there is a Major on, my husband doesn’t usually miss a moment of golf. Since having kids, it’s always a challenge for him, but this year everyone seemed pretty interested. Except maybe for Eleanor who was very involved with my jewelry box.

kids dino pajamas

Everett checked out every Shark book to prepare him for Shark Week. We watched the Michael Phelps race against the Great White Shark too. He was rooting for the shark!

shark week




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