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Meaningful Acts of Service This Advent Season

Meaningful Acts of Service for Kids

We are only a few days away from my favorite season – Advent. Not only is it the start of my birthday, but it is the perfect time to quiet the noise for reflection and service.  As a mom, I want this time of year to be one where the kids remember how important it is to think of others. Dedicating an hour here or there instead of scrolling on the phone, ipad or couch can deepen our relationships and serve others.  I also want our family to sink into the beauty and gratitude that this meaningful tradition can bring to our days, and feel the excitement that giving can bring. In the midst of all the sparkly parts of this beautiful season, it’s important to me that our children know well and deep the meaning behind why we celebrate in the first place. Creating a reminder of daily service acts, similar to Jesus is one way we as a family can get there.

I tried to pay attention to what our schedule will look like this December. We know Sundays will be more for family and therefore might make sense to put a simpler act that day. I utilized garbage day too since Everett’s chore is bringing in the trash bins. Also, remembering school schedules of the kids will give me an idea about their moods.

There are so many ways to celebrate this year and I always look forward to sharing the excitement with the kids. I know this season particular will be one of my hardest as a mom, but I also think it will be equally filled with four times the joy!  I am praying that my energy will support these acts of service as well as giving love in tangible and u

24 Acts of Service this Advent

  1. Send a note to someone that makes you happy.
  2. Deliver donuts to a neighbor anonymously.
  3. Leave something in the church pew for someone else.
  4. Bring your neighborhood or school crossing guard a hot chocolate.
  5. Leave a snack box on the front porch for the delivery and mail carriers.
  6. Make some art work for Great Nannie’s Nursing home.
  7. Surprise Dad at work with a meal and a hug!
  8. Purchase new pajamas for the Warm Tree at school.
  9. Gather toys around the house and donate them to a toy drive.
  10. Practice Christmas song on the piano to sing at Christmas gathering.
  11. Hand a gift card to a homeless person.
  12. Write a thank you note to teachers.
  13. Prepare a meal to a family with a new baby.
  14. Create salt ornaments of finger prints.
  15. Pull in the neighbors Garbage Cans
  16. Surprise someone with a yoga class gift card.
  17. Volunteer to change a diaper.
  18. Collect all the change around the house and use it to buy flowers for someone.
  19. Give outgrown clothing to a donation center.
  20. Bring diapers to Pregnancy Center or Center for Exceptional Families.
  21. Record a video of our favorite things about Christmas to play for grandparents.
  22. Decorate our Gingerbread house.
  23. Sing our hearts out at Christmas Party!
  24. Surprise the kids with a drive through the cities Christmas Lights. (Bring Hot Chocolate)
  25. Eat our Jesus birthday cake!

Grown Up ways to Deepen the Advent Season

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