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Mamas Helping Mamas: Spreading Love and Joy Around

Mamas Helping Mamas

Thinking about the last year is usually how I spend the holidays. Perhaps it’s nostalgia, hormones or maybe it’s my birthday approaching, but I find myself in this space of reflection and gratitude. This year has been very difficult for so many people across our country with too many tragedies. It seemed necessary to give instead of receive this year. Blessed with another child, I wanted to balance this by spreading love around like confetti.

With our children we are spending time collecting different toys, food and crafts for boys and girls who need something special this Christmas. However, I wanted to do something too. We decided to organize new essential items for mothers and babies and donate to the local pregnancy crisis center. First we needed to begin with Diaper Bags and Diapers Drive. The goal is to fill 20-30 diaper bags to donate to the Lennon Pregnancy Center. I’ve reached out to other small shops to see if they also would like to donate. If there are items that you have that are unused and you would like to mail/bring them to me, please let me know.

Cozys Blankets donated Beanies, Blessed is She donated journals as well as Better Life Bags sent their key fobs. We’re so grateful for these generous gifts.



If you are able to contribute, some items will need you to enter an address to ship to us, which you can find under the “My Reservations” tab on Babylist.

Living a life of intention is something that I believe everyone really wants. Although, this time of year there are so many beautiful images and amazing pieces attracting us at every outlet. Instead of getting sucked into the scrolling and the one click buying, we can create a ripple of love by serving our neighbors, family and friends. Feel free to share this post with anyone that would like to join us. Anna from IHOD started this ripple of love and I am so grateful for her.



Notes: The diapers on the registry are sizes 4, 5, and 6 since the center is completely out of these sizes. The Beautycounter baby products are from my website, but any proceeds will also be going back to this drive to buy remaining needs. 


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