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Kids Shared Room: Inspiration and Makeovers

shared room design

Shared  Bedroom Space Design Ideas

One of our favorite parts of our home are all the characters in the sloped ceiling. Owning a Tudor style home, this is part of the architecture. However, it also is one of the trickiest to design. Since we are embarking on three shared rooms in our house, we wanted to make sure there was still plenty of space in the kids room for play. Another big element we want to encourage is reading. Since Everett will begin Kindergarten this fall, I want him to have a cozy spot to cultivate reading.

Design Elements

  1. Bunk Beds – Obviously bunk beds are not the safest idea for kids under five, but this Ikea Kura Bed is exactly the right size for them. We found these on craigslist and I proceeded to paint all 1000 pieces to look like this, with paint from our kitchen cupboard. Instead of throwing a mattress at the bottom, that is where the reading nook will be. If Eleanor decides to sleep in there, it will still be available.
  2. Reading nook – During 4th of July, we took advantage of the sales and picked up these lounge cushions. We desperately needed to update the lighting in this room. Since we do not have any recessed or overhead lighting upstairs, we rely on lamps. Everett’s been relying on the same nursery Giraffe lamp I purchased on craigslist in 2012. There is nothing wrong with it, but could be updated to help his new room. This floor lamp has good reviews and looks like it will withstand the test of time.
  3. Area rug –  This rug picks up a lot of the colors from existing bedding, wall paint and art work. It was probably the biggest purchase, but saving up an extra $100 for a higher quality rug works a lot better with a house full of kids and dogs.
  4. Art + Prints – Adding a gallery wall by his side of the top bunk bed in addition to some shelves are the major design goals. This Peg Board will provide some fun as well as practicing his spelling. I look forward to all the funny words he will add to it. A good graphic that will last awhile was important. My favorite print by an artist on etsy. Lastly, some plants to help purify the air and bring a little bit of outside inside.
  5. Storage – Every kids room demands organization and storage. This unit provides a book shelf or another place to store a basket with toys.



shared room

This is a picture of what the room used to look like. Stay tuned later this month for the after!


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