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Hey Google, What Sound Does a Giraffe Make?

Google Home and Back to School

I have determined that there cannot be complete balance when raising little kids.  Creating a strategic plan with your time is the only way for things to get completed. Laundry. Bills. Calendar. Carpool. Homework. Laundry. House Chores. However, having a Google Home to ask it to jot down my grocery list, remind me to get the clothes out of the dryer or have a dance party break during a difficult homework session keeps us sane and off our phones.

Google Home + Back to School

Special Features of Google Home for Everyone

We enjoyed the last couple of weeks using our Google Home and Google Wifi. Having very little background on the product, I was a bit clueless at first. Technology does not scare me, but I wanted to make sure we did things right. We downloaded the Google Home app to our iPad and successfully linked our device. Our first order of business was synching our music to encourage dance parties or quiet time depending on the situation.

The kids enjoyed asking Google what noises various animals make. We learned that a human head weighs 11 pounds and Giraffe noises sound like crinkled leaves. Knowing the weather in the morning was really helpful for getting the kids dressed for school this unseasonably warm Autumn. My favorite feature was getting our lists written down without needing a pen and paper.

I prefer using this than my phone when I am with our kids because it feels like a family game or group activity. We are learning something new and laughing together. What better medicine for after school madness then to laugh together. Thanks google! #giftfromgoogle

Google Home + Back to School


Check out this cute video of us in real life playing around with our Google Home.


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