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Happy Birthday Everett 2.0

 dress: h&m,

This week Nana has been here, waiting for your sister’s birth. It has
been so nice to have her here. I know you have really loved it.
Yesterday we celebrated your birthday because we are afraid that any
moment your sister will arrive and spoil your donut cake!

woke to your typical “MOM” shouting. It sounds like Will Ferral in
Wedding Crashers, “Mom, the meatloaf!” It certainly isn’t my favorite
name for myself, but I know years later I will laugh about it. Sometimes
at 6am it’s just too much to take.

You wanted to immediately play outside with your sandbox. Although, you seemed pretty tired and wanted to put on chitty chitty bang bang before church.
Church began a little rough and you never really recovered. We were the people in the back with the kid that was screaming. Luckily, there were some construction trucks outside that dad kept taking you to see. As soon as we put you in the car seat to drive home, you zonked out.

There was quite the thunderstorm during your nap and we had to do another save with your sandbox. (It’s really a plastic pool filled with $5 sand from HomeDepot.) It has become tricky wtih the rain to put it somewhere dry. We keep dragging it to the shed, but the bugs have infested it and I think you are getting some bug bites.

When you woke from your nap we watched “chitty bang bang” and did some cuddling while nana made us dinner. Corned beef and cabbage. You certainly enjoyed the beef! Then we ate berry pie a la mode. After dinner we ran around in the backyard with the dogs. I should say, you and dad did.

It made me feel incredibly happy to know you get to have your own  special birthday! We played trains in your room until we read Goodnight, Goodnight Constructionsite”. You still love my rendition of Moon River which I love to sing to you. Happy Birthday love. You’re sovery special to us!


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