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Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

We seem to celebrate Halloween all of October. I counted tonight and there were four different times that the kids had the opportunity to dress up besides Halloween. It felt like not as exciting when it came down to physically go Trick or Treat. It stressed me out initially because I felt the need to make everything perfect for their memories. How could it be perfect if they would rather pass out the candy to the kids? However, they were able to get a taste of everything; and not just their candy.

Our parents came over for hot dogs and chili, while the kids passed out the candy. The dinosaur was a big hit on our lawn. People were taking pictures with him. Amelia was really impressed by the decorations, and not with people passing out non-candy items. She even left a bag of pretzels on someone else’s porch. Everett was busy running off with his neighbor buddy. I did like how grateful he delivered his THANK YOU each home. Eleanor, even with a nap under her wings today, still couldn’t hack it outside. It was pretty cold and I ended up walking back with her on my hip. Luckily, my sister was there and she helped Aaron with the other two. We’re so lucky to have awesome neighbors too!

Here are some of our more memorable moments this month.

Maleficent was knocked up… I used the new Beautycounter makeup palette!!Maleficent Costume Halloween

Sleeping Beauty Costume and Maleficent – Don’t forget you can still use the coupon code for 15% off costumes at Little Adventures.

Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent Costume Halloween

Tasty Halloween Treats from Love and Buttercream

Halloween Candy Cake Pops

Everett’s First Halloween Sock Hop

Halloween Costume

Greenfield Village Halloween Nights with the Princesses

Halloween Princess Costume

I asked her to make a princess face.

Halloween Sleeping Beauty Costume

(This does not include the sugar rush, crashing that occurred at 9pm Halloween night.)


Happy Halloween from us!


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