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This weekend we were supposed to head to the Army 10 Miler in DC, but this pregnancy changed the plans. Aaron’s body was ready for the 10 Miler run. However, I don’t think my body could handle the long car ride or my  kiddos. Instead I did some really glamorous things this week to get ready for the baby.

The vacuum was taken to the repair shop. If anyone ever knows what it looks like to live in a house with two dogs and three kids without a vacuum for a week, then you know it was the perfect time for in-laws to be out of town. Holy Smokes! Of course every kernel of popcorn spilled out of the shared popcorn bowl.

We try not to make more than one Target visit a month because I like to see money in our bank account and the Target toll sometimes gets to be $300. BUT, I had to pick up these cute outfits for the girls (mom version), and some majorly HUGE granny panties for postpartum. I am pretty sure Depends will fit into the underwear.

Then, Friday I had my “Take your Daughter to your OB Appointment” day. She was the cutest helping the Midwife with the ultrasound doppler and measuring tape. We also ran some errands around Birmingham and visited my sister who works at Google. It was an overcast day, therefore we dressed in rain boots. However, the amount of walking with no socks on, my calves started to stick to my boots. When we finally reached our car, I HAD to take them off, but it as quite the workout. The amount of sweat dripping down my face could be compared to someone running that Army 10 Miler. I thought I was going to need to ask a stranger or get some scissors. Only one boot was able to get off!

Motherhood Rising


The amount of sales happening this Columbus Day weekend is perfect for most shopping needs! Here are some of my favorites:

bell sleeve shirts
home items that I will be picking up for Christmas.

LOFT: Use code FALLFEST for 40% off

APEAINTHEPOD: Having a sale on select AG jeans, including the ones I am wearing in this picture. It has survived my entire pregnancy.

Motherhood Maternity: BRAS ANYONE? 30% off + FREE shipping. I snagged this one. (there are five colors too!)

Lord & Taylor: Use code COLUMBUS for 20% off

GAP: 50% off everything + use code MORE for extra 20%

H&M: Has up to 60% off new items + free shipping on only $40 more code 0040

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