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Gentle Yoga Flow for Seniors

gentle yoga

Deep belly breathing serves many purposes for a gentle yoga class. Many times asking students to rest a hand on the belly emphasizes the belly moving up and down.  Effective belly breathing enables the brain and body to receive calming waves and health benefits. Practicing this technique in a yoga class hopefully will encourage you to use it off your mat in stressful situations.

Gentle Slowburn Yoga Flow

Age of the class is mostly 50+ however, there are some 20-40 year old students. A teacher must be mindful of the student demographic and injuries, but also knowing that it’s important for students to get out of their head and into their bodies. Slowburn is intended to be with eyes closed and deep belly breaths. Beginning to look less outside of oneself for inspiration and start listening to, and trusting, one’s intuition.

Sacred Space

Begin on the backs.

Hand on belly and hand on heart.

Comparing the belly breaths to filling up a balloon or glass of water. Breathe in through the nose to fill the lungs all the way to the top as one feels the belly, abdomen and chest rise. Breathe out the nose (not mouth)

Sun A


  1. Right Arm drops to the right. Left hand moves up and over the left ear. Chin follows.
  2. Inhale to center.
  3. Exhale Left arm drops to the left. Right arm moves up and over the right ear. Chin follows.
  4. Repeating for five sides each.
  5. Place hands on top of the legs.
  6. Chin turns to right shoulder on the Exhale.
  7. Inhale to center.
  8. Left ear drops to left shoulder.
  9. Inhale to center.
  10. Exhale repeat to opposite sides.

Sun B

  1. Starting from Balasana
  2. Low Lunge
  3. Crescent on the knee
  4. Lizard or half splits.
  5. Vinyasa

Sun C

  1. Starting in Down Dog
  2. Right Leg up hold for a couple breaths
  3. Step up to Warrior 1
  4. Warrior 2
  5. Reverse Warrior
  6. Triangle
  7. Yoga walk; hands to Back of the mat.
  8. Vinyasa
  9. Repeat at the back with the Left Side.


Down dog.

Open up right leg out to the side.

Pushing big toes towards the center.

Vinyasa if body is warmed up enough.


Resting in Pigeon. Either on the back or on their bellies.







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