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Friday Faves

Friday Faves


It is Cinco de Mayo today and we are making build your own tacos. It probably will end up being a lot of chips and cheese for the kids! I found blue corn taco shells, which I hope win my husband’s taste buds. I have never seen those before! . I will be doing ground turkey with my favorite spices for tacos; cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder and a couple red pepper flakes. This is another idea for the family that my friend Katie did this week! Sure to have the kids loving the meal! ALso if you need a great table setting for today or a name tag idea, Anna has the cutest set up!

Thinking ahead to Father’s Day, and really want to snag this grill for our guy! Our grill has seen better days. I am pretty sure through the winter it housed some little critters. YIKES!

I found a couple new peacock related items that I am sure will wow any peacock/bird loving person! This is definitely something I would like to get the girls, but I am not sure they will wear it as much as it costs. Hoping it goes on sale. These shoes sold out in my size like the day they debuted. This is probably my favorite designed peacock plate and coffee cup from anthro.

Need a baby shower gift that is fresh? These new blankets are so super sweet.

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I am loving Beautycounter’s gift bag! It’s under $100 ! Even if you only bought the pink peony facial mist for your mom, it will surely refresh her day!

The kids birthdays are at the end of the month and I am excited to celebrate. I know Everett wants a scooter and Eleanor really only wants a pink cake and balloons. I think we are making them a tree house as their gift. I still would like to do something special for each of them. I am hoping to take Eleanor to get her twos painted. I would like to take Everett to a baseball game. They do so many things grouped together, I like to let them feel like an individual. I did give them an early gift this week of the new Taco Loving Dragon book! Anyone read it?

I finished “When Breath Becomes Air” this week and it was life changing. Such a powerful account of a doctor that turns into a patient. Along the way you really feel connected to each breath and the precious time we have here on earth. It was beautiful!


Happy weekend! Hope your kids sleep in and your husband’s don’t work!



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