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Favorite Baby Items at 6 Months

Our little girl is 6 months old and I thought it would be nice to tell you what was working for us at this point in her life. It’s funny how much you plan for the newborn stages, but forget how fast they grow. She is sitting up, eating food, starting to crawl and loves toys she shouldn’t be playing with (thanks big bro and sis).

Our top 6 favorite things right now!



1. Joovy Walker – We never had this with our other two and it’s been extremely helpful. I know some homes might not be able to have nor want this in their home because of size. However, it’s been so nice for us at this stage. She is safe in this seat and feels like she is part of the group. You can either have the wheels on or take them off depending on your older children’s race car abilities. I like that I can feed her in it and she can play while I cook dinner. BEST part, it breaks down and hides away.

2. Comotomo Bottle – This bottle has been a game changer since she was not interested in anything but the boob.

3. This sofie giraffe is awesome. I am not sure where the original one went, but I bet it is buried in the backyard thanks to the dogs. This one I like because I can clean it and water doesn’t get inside of it. It has a handle and perfect for these teething stages.

4. Bibs of choice – Little Unicorn makes the best option for these early stages of eating where food is everywhere. It cleans really nicely too. My favorite feature is the different sizes to snap. I like that it’s snap and not velcro too. Big and Beautiful. Hurry because these sell out fast. Anthro and Spearmint Love carry them as well.

5. Ella’s Kitchen Pouches. They come in so many options, available at the grocery store, and close tightly for next day use. (Orange, Green and Purple are our favorites).

6. These spoons. – We have had them since Everett was this age. My mother in law gifted them to us and I really like them. I think it’s easier for this age then when they are 1+.

Hope you like these ideas and find them useful. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments. I love hearing what other people find useful, economical and cute! 🙂


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