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Small Shops for Baby + Kids Clothes

Small Shops for Kids

During the last five years of growing babies, I have come to find  joy in small business shops. My favorite brands I have found by other moms on Instagram. Shopping from their small shop is  special when it’s a family shop making products from their kitchen table simultaneously raising their kids. Pieces from small baby brands are made with love; and usually to last.

To live more of an intentional life, I would like to focus on having only about 10 outfits in the kids drawers or less. This includes dresses! It’s overwhelming for me to see the kids clothes all over the floor to find pajamas or an outfit for school on top of a pile of clean clothes waiting to get put away. In addition, having less means less laundry right? (Probably not with four children). I know we will still shop at Old Navy, Gap kids, H&M, Zara, Target, because the prices are hard to beat. However, these are the clothes that seem to get holes and pilling in them first and I am hoping to keep pieces to pass down for five years!

Another wonderful attribute to these companies is their desire to reduce carbon footprints and chose their materials with intentions. Reading the “About Us” page gives you a deeper look into the small shops beginning as well as their hope for their future company.


Favorite Brands + Small Shops for Kids

Rylee + Cru


Axl Brand

Candy Kirby Designs

Chasing Windmills Great basic colors and pieces for newborns to size 10. Using the softest Merino Wool from New Zealand, but made in USA.

Childhoods Clothing

Fin and Vince

Jax + Lennon

The Little Spoon

Odarling clothing


Shops that Carry Several Different Small Shop Brands

Spearmint Love

Shop Darling Clementine


If there are any more that I missed, please let me know!



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