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Fall into our Apple Orchard Adventure

Fall into our Apple Orchard

It’s their day too! I try to remember that saying when we do things as a family. The way I experience family adventures usually involves diffusing squabbles, making sure everyone has food in their bellies and keeping all their shoes and clothes on their body. But the kids, they remember the experiences and not all the little things we obsess over as parents.

We went to the Edwin Apple Orchard this weekend. It was probably one of those days a mother pictures in her head working out perfectly. Everyone is smiling, getting along, you know what you see on T.V. and movies. However, it is not always like that. In our family, there are some BIG personalities which is a blessing of course!

Instead of worrying about things being picture perfect, we just enjoyed being together and checking off one of our Fall Bucket List adventures.


fall at the orchard


Fall Into Our Apple Orchard Adventure

See that line? That was the donut line. I swear it was 1/2 mile long!


He is 5.5 years old next month and showing such BIG signs of maturity. He used to like to join in on the bad silly behavior with his sister, but now is FINALLY starting to be the leader.  I think Kindergarten has been a significant helper in that department. He joined Cub Scouts and went on a Nature Hike with his dad. They had to bring flash lights. On the way he told Aaron he wanted to be called Mickey Cool or Mickey The Cool. When Aaron called him by that name he told him, “no dad, you can’t call me that yet!” He has a loose tooth and it’s hanging by a thread. This describes his personality so well. He would rather the tooth hang there then feel pain for two seconds. When we are late for school he is the slowest person int he universe. Watching him learn to read has been one of my favorite times of day. Since Eleanor is sleeping in his room, Aaron, Everett and me read a couple books together before bed in our bed. Everyone is calm, we say a prayer together, and he often shares different parts of his day then.


This sweet tooth loving girl has thrived so much since starting Pre- Preschool at Montessori. Every day when we drop her off she heads straight to the Art Easel. She comes home daily with  several scrap papers (usually pink) scribbled with ghosts on it. If there is something pink in the classroom, it often gets put into her backpack too. So we are learning lessons on not taking things without asking. When I pick her up, she runs full speed into my body for a bear hug. I try not to be holding Amelia then and just let her get all of me in that moment. Her first request after school has been for something sweet; donut, cupcake, candy corn. For some reason, I usually oblige. She has experimented with new foods and it’s apparent especially at dinner times when she will take just one bite of something. I see her talking more with other people without her thumb in her mouth. She still is the most incredibly frustrating three year old sometimes; climbing onto the top shelf of the cupboard, waking up at 2 am to play with my makeup or running away in her brother’s parking lot pick up. But her spunky spirit is also what makes her sparkle. She has such a unique relationship with her brother and sister that it’s nice to see them play. I enjoy the afternoons with her coloring, or watching Barbie while Amelia naps. Her relationship with Aaron is also blossoming and she insists on showing him everything; her new bike at his work, her school projects, or just wrapping around his neck for a bear hug.


This girl is almost 2 and it’s hard to believe. She still has the highest pitch scream on the planet. Being the youngest, maybe that is part of the perks. If we are not paying attention to her, she screams our name. It’s been fun spending my mornings alone with her. She lets me rest, behaves so well at the grocery store and naps like a champ. Her vocabulary has increased in the last couple of months and she says the funniest things. If there ever was a baby hoarder, it was Amelia. When she was little it was just bathing suits. Now she takes things like the little calculator, a chef’s hat and a wooden play kitchen food item into her bed. She loves purses and wallets. She will fill them to the brim with random things and walk around with them. Recently, she has taken to my mom’s dog stuffed animal. It appears that it might stick as her little lovey type stuffed animal. I was hoping something would since she climbed out of her crib in July. We probably will put the girls back in the same room next month because they A.) want to and B.) I’d like to make Everett feel a little special. Amelia has the best little laugh and really loves her daddy. She lets him put her to bed and requests  Bing Crosby’s Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral which she doesn’t like when I sing it. She is very generous and caring with her siblings. She gets upset when they don’t want to include her and really loves anything Eleanor loves – especially Pink!

All our kids are growing so fast and they are all really excited for this new baby to come into their lives. Everyone still thinks boy so it will be really funny if it is a girl!



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