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Exercising at Home While the Kids Play

Creative work outs when some children nap, and others are playing in the backyard have become a routine for us. My husband started collecting and building gym equipment for the garage last summer. (Our garage gym name is still pending – my votes were Peacock Pit and Cock Pit). He realized waking up at 4am to go workout before work, left him tired when he was at home after work. It also became an unnecessary expense. Creating a fun enviornment after work where the kids can participate or “go on a ruck” gave him more inspiration. In addition, his energy and happiness seemed elevated at the end of a hard days work!

Some of his favorite workouts with the kids are:

  • The Murph – Serving in the military was inspired by the story from Lone Survivor. My husband deeply respects this man and the exercise. It’s truly a butt kicking though… especially pushing two kids in the stroller!

    exercising with the kids

  • Cross Fit Circuits – He uses the Rogue Vest and plates. Some Pinterest ideas we search for often.

  • Rucks with the Stroller – Even when you separate from the Army, you still carry a ruck around for fun. He used to do it with Charlie, and now he takes the dogs and the kids! The neighbors love to comment about his hands being full!Last year he even completed the Go Ruck challenge in Detroit.

    exercising with kids


This weekend, I decided to join with him in one of his Circuit workouts. Most of the time, my exercise includes running and yoga, which I figured I could handle. Saturday, he explained the workout:

One Round – 800M Run, 10 Deadlifts, 800M Run, 30 Situps

working out with kids

exercising with kids

running with husband

He successfully completed five of those. I on the other hand, was called in for popsicles, sandwiches, one napper that woke up TOO early, and probably only did 3. I tried to do one more, but my bladder was not working for me! #fourthpregnancyproblems

Finding time to do things together, even when it’s side by side, really strengthens our marriage. We were cheering each other on as we sprinted down the block. He even gave me a butt tap! Score! I am REALLY hoping to make a video soon to show you how easy it is to exercise with kids around- like even in the kitchen while making dinner! #momlife




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