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Essential Oils

Essential oils plays a HUGE part in our family and daily life. The benefits we have seen are truly remarkable. I want to share some of our favorite ways to use them in our home, parenting and on the yoga mat.

The Start of Essential Oils

When I was pregnant with Eleanor, we lived in Oklahoma and I started to develop minor but annoying skin problems on my hands and stomach. I began boiling water (like my dad) to increase the humidity but also added orange peels in the pot for the lovely scent. My friend asked us why we didn’t begin using essential oils.

My experience with essential oils came from the yoga room, but we did not realize the advantages they held off the mat too. With a growing family and a husband’s career change, I knew working from home was the best option for us to make extra income. My oil journey began with doterra if you have visited in the past and noticed. However, we decided to change our oil journey to Young Living. We purchased the Starter Kit (all of the common oils + diffuser) because I love their Seed to Seal approval.

Ways We Use Essential Oils

Although I am a yoga teacher and pay attention to our health, I still believe in modern medicine. Many of our friends are doctors and nurses and I trust their knowledge and experience always. We are not perfect or completely in all natural household, but oils fit naturally into our modern life with dogs, kids and sweaty yoga mats. Diffusing Lavender in the kids room at night was one of the first game changers. Then using Clary Sage oil late in pregnancy to help stimulate contractions was my next favorite. I love using orange or grapefruit at the end of a morning yoga class. Thieves strengthens our immune system with school and Peppermint


Essential Oil for Teething Baby

Immune Support

Essential Oils for Immune Support


Essential Oils for Pregnancy


Essential Oils



Essential Oil for Yoga


Essential Oils for Beauty


Essential Oils and Cleaning


If you don’t already use oils or have always been interested in them, you can contact me! I hope to have another page up soon of FAQ and some of the extras we use with oils.

Also, come join us over at my instagram @kpeacock8 for insights on how to use the oils from the starter kit,  recipes we use on the kids, for cleaning the house, all of our favorite diffuser blends, for a peaceful and calm yoga class, rollerball recipes, beauty tricks and so many more ways to use oils.



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