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Eating for Two and Feeding the Other Three

Eating for Two and Feeding the other Three

Summer time brings many of my favorite foods. Stone fruits, blueberries, arugula, zucchini, corn on the cob and RHUBARB, to name a few! Incorporating in the meal planning produce I know will be cheaper because they are in season, help with the budget. These are also great ways to add the Farmers Market to your weekly adventure in the summer. Kids involved in picking out the food (at the store or market) are more likely to eat that food when presented to them. Here are some of our meals lately in both kid and adult versions.



Golden Sweet Potato Hash
whole 30 dishes
Kid Version

During the week we have T-ball two nights and planning ahead is necessary. I do not like going through the Drive Through, and even though it’s boxed macaroni and cheese, it’s still a home cooked meal. Eleanor is not a big meat eater!

Turkey Meatballs with Italian Sausage – I used leftover hash, rice and threw it over spinach.

Kid Version

feeding the littles

Paprika Chicken and Golden Sweet Potatoes

feeding the littles

Kid Version

Rotini Pasta, chicken, green beans



Sushi Roll using Deli Meat and Avocado
kid lunch ideas
Adult Version



Oatmeal Baked feed the masses.

It is less time in the kitchen and dish-washing than pancakes. I can usually do it right before bed on Friday or Saturday night. It’s the best meal before church, because I know it will stick to their ribs. I try to add some type of nut butter, chia seeds and favorite fruit. I ran out of almond milk, and this was made with Fairlife’s Chocolate milk. OMG!

oatmeal baked

Kid Version – Waffles, Yogurt and Bacon

breakfast waffles

Adult Version – looks the same


I like exploring different textures in foods and presenting them in different ways with each meal. Like many kids, our special three seem to have sensory sensitivities to certain foods. Everett detest avocados, but Eleanor will eat two in one sitting. Amelia has no issue with syrup, yogurt or chocolate milk mustaches. Everett would rather not use his utensils and refuse any toppings. Eleanor’s selective eating habits create stress during dinner time for me. I wish she ate more food, but often goes to bed with only some yogurt. I am learning presentation is the eyes to one’s hunger!

I feel inspired to do a post on some of our “growing food” snacks we do around 10:30am and 3pm each day. Teaching smart snacking habits is VERY important to me. Getting fun sweet, “junk” food snacks once in awhile we leave to the grandparents. (gummy worms anyone?) However, I am always down for Donut Days, and Ice Cream! Especially pregnant!!


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