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Clean Beauty: Face Favorites for a Busy Mom

clean beauty face favorites

Every year I have taken a closer look into clean beauty, personal and baby products. Investing in my health is important to me. Digging into the makeup bag never seemed as big investment in my health as other personal care products like shampoo or toothpaste. However, I began slowly making the switch to products I typically use the most: eye liner, mascara and lipstick.

This is why it was easy for me to join Beautycounter. Their products are safe and effective. The icing on the cake is that you can get all your products at the same spot.

Beauty Regimen


clean beauty face faves



This has been out of stock for sometime, but happy to see it back out there. I cannot use the Nourishing line because my skin is irritated by coconut oil. The rejuvenating line really does the job!


Initially this product seemed unnecessary, but it was the missing piece to my regimen. I also was hesitant to pay for the small container. Fortunately, some thrifty tricks I learned have increased the shelf life to 80 days. Flipping over the pads and cutting them in half to keep the top pads moist was also a genius move.

Facial Oil

A couple drops of this magic oil really increased my skins moisture without leaving it greasy. Perhaps the seven oils it contains gives the facial oil it’s power. Softening meadowfoam seed oil restores balance, while wild chamomile calms and soothes skin. Typically my skin can lean towards oily, and this significantly calms it down.


Beautycounter’s newest moisturizer has an innovative technology that keeps your skin hydrated for 24 hours. The ingredients allow your skin to adapt to the modern aggressors of life by adjusting hydration levels throughout the day and night.  Like many of Beautycounter’s products, a little goes a long way.


Makeup Regimen

clean beauty face favorites


Concealer Pen

Wearing concealer was never part of my makeup routine until I had Amelia. I really wanted to hide my tired mom eyes.  The package it comes in works easier for busy moms. I can keep it my hand bag and pull it out in the car if I need to. I usually try to add some of my eye cream with it too.

Eye Pencil

For everyday, I use an eye pencil instead of mascara. The smooth stay put formula glides on gently and there is even a smudge tip at the tip. At the end of the day, I can find myself rubbing my eyes. Knowing the safe product is on my eyes gives me some security.


This bronzer gives you the natural looking glow with sparkle free finish. At this point in my life, a matte bronzer is what I am looking for to give me the natural skin glow.

Cream Blusher

Not something I use to go to the grocery store, but it is definitely something to use when going to church or out to dinner. The ingredients; Jojoba ester and carnauba wax condition and hydrate skin. The easy on the go packaging allow it to easily fit in a purse or diaper bag

Facial Mist

Beautycounter+ newest facial mist brightens the skin. Alcohol free and Antioxidant-rich vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of age spots, while lime pearl extract gently promotes a brighter complexion. Setting your makeup or needing a refreshing mist of Vitamin C, this product goes with me everywhere.

Makeup Remover

Cleansing Balm has many uses that help the skin: cleanses, overnight mask, moisturizer and makeup remover. This gentle balm removes dirt and makeup while also leaving skin soft. I usually add it to a cotton pad to my eyes to remove liner or mascara.


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