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circle game

my son has a favorite cd. (The Sun Upon the Lake is Low, Mae Roberts) it has a celtic vibe, appropriate for this month. i discovered one of the songs on pandora one day “gaelic lullaby” and purchased the cd. there is a song on the cd called, “the circle game.” refering to the seasons changing and kids growing. “….and the seasons they go round and round/we’re captive on a carousel of time/we can’t return we can only look behind from where we came/and go round and round and round in the circle game.” it makes me sad, but it also shows me i need to enjoy the moments i have with everett.

some days this deployment i feel the weight of the parenting role on my shoulders. i dislike being a single mom. (those that do it everyday I believe you are so brave and strong!) there is too much responsibility in raising our son by myself. i don’t want to do something that changes the way he will be. i try to do silly things that aaron might do, but it’s not the same. i feel like i am losing my cool mom factor too.

as much as i want aaron to hurry home though, i do not want to wish time away. it’s so precious like this song makes sings.

i hope everett you know how much your daddy loves you. he thinks about you every day.


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