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kids at the lake
Everett at 5

I blinked and Everett turned FIVE! He wanted to have a chocolate AND vanilla cake with chocolate AND vanilla icing. I decided a bundt cake was the best way to go and it did not disappoint anyone.

I think he woke up everyday the week with a little bit of birthday spirit in his step. He would announce how many more days until the 25th. He really enjoys numbers. I can distract him with anything by asking about how many things he sees, or what the number is between 1 and 3 or my favoite, “I am thinking of a number between 5 and 8, what number am I thinking about?” It’s great to see how each child’s mind works.

Lately, he has found books too. He mostly reads them in the car, on the toilet or during bed time. Either way, I feel like I am doing something right when he wants to go to the library. I dont care if the books he picks are Captain Underpants, or Dragons and Dinosaurs.

He loves to joke around with us – you know the classic “butt” jokes. It brings him so much joy to add laughter to any situation. His personality is 50% serious and 50% silly. This can get him into trouble at times, especially in the classroom, but he is learning boundaries.

I think this year, I am mostly excited about having more conversations with him. Watching him explore summer in a different light will be interesting too. Summer he is doing golf, t-ball and farm camp. Giving him opportunities to be a boy, play rough, and strengthen his confidence before Kindergarten will be extremely helpful.

Eleanor at 3


How is our baby girl peacock 3? I remember the night of her birth more than anyone of my children. It could be because she came out so quickly. We joke that she is our #upforanything gal. She was that way even at birth! Watching her grow this year with her own opinions and independence shows her true personality. Our families joke that she will be the one to have the house parties when we are out of town. When it comes to determination, this girl has it. She will find a way to get something she wants – whether it is the cookies at the top shelf of the butler pantry, or her bike inside the garage. I often find her on the opposite end of the aisle at the grocery store, because she is looking for the pink cart to use.

Watching her give her siblings love is the sweetest. On her birthday this year she let everyone help lick her birthday candles. I think she was proud that she helped make the cake too. She wanted to share that with everyone. When it came time to open her gifts, she took her time. I think it took 24 hours for her to open them. Waiting showed me that she was trying to be present and enjoy the gift one at a time.

I am most excited for her to start school this fall. Exploring the classroom, playing with other kids besides her siblings and learning some structure will be incredibly helpful. I look forward to taking her on some mom and daughter dates too.


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