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Birthday Week with the Peacocks

This week has always been a fun time of year. It’s Memorial Weekend and our good friends are coming into town. We are planning on spending our days outside at the lake. The kids will be celebrating their birthdays, by painting with water guns, and decorating their own cupcakes. My pregnancy cravings has purchased Twizzlers too.


Last week, I was helping Eleanor change her clothes and clean up the accident she had. As I finished with that mess, I turned around to see Amelia outside on the deck opening a bag of empty beer bottles. She had them in her mouth! FAIL! I feel like lately things have been a complete mess. Not only is the house always dirty, but I rarely look in the mirror anymore. I noticed after drop off last week, I had a crazy mustache on my face from chocolate milk!

The stress of thinking about a fourth child has set in and I find myself doubting everything.

The kids have decided that they are swearing. Eleanor spent five minutes in the post office with me screaming “F*** it!” FAIL

Everett is starting to find this defiant side that makes me physically upset! Now I know why my parents would be so mad at me when I talked back! It’s maddening!

On a lighter note, Everett has started some chores and is getting to be pretty independent. Making bed, putting clothes back in the drawer or hamper, cleaning his plate and sticking it in the dishwasher!

Eleanor now plays by herself and does that cute character talking to each other. She is growing up and saying a lot more words. (some of them better than others. See above)

Amelia is in that 18 months, crying as she gets in the car seat, crying when she needs to go to bed, climbing into the sinks, putting little tiny foreign objects in her mouth. However, she is SO easily distracted and LOVES Paw Patrol.


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