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Birth Story: The Story of Mara Claire Part 1.

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We have been quiet on the blog since we added our newest member to our family. Transitions are never easy, but especially during the Christmas season, life is difficult. Nonetheless, we wanted to share our birth story. I have been keeping a journal on my phone to quickly jot down notes, memories and even Mara’s birth story. She was finally born December 4th, one week after her due date. Weighing in as our biggest little Peacock and our third daughter.

Newborn Birth Pictures

Top images by Emily Popchock.

We delivered Mara Monday afternoon, however we went in at midnight the night before. When I arrived in triage, I honestly thought we would be heading back home because my contractions disappeared on the drive to the hospital. Since I was a week late with my fourth child, living thirty minutes from the delivery center, AND strep B+ they wanted me to hang out there. In addition, I was 7cm dilated and 75% effaced! I clearly was shocked! My midwife anticipated me delivering within the hour, but obviously things did not go that way.

Frustrated through the night that there was no progress, I took a nap in the middle of the night. As dawn approached with a shift change in midwife (Taya), we decided on breaking my water around 9:45am. (I debated this in the middle of the night but my fear took over my thinking.) Thinking about the kids back home and their schedules, my husband’s demanding job, I knew we were on the clock. Now, since I was in “active labor” and at the Natural Child Birth Center, they really encouraged me to start moving. I bet they didn’t expect to see my husband and me galloping in the hallways. Here is a short video for you to see what I mean:

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Moving at first didn’t seem to increase any contractions. Everything was still bearable. We even braved the cold and walked in circles together in their courtyard. Honestly, I just had fun talking to Aaron all to myself! We were joking about things and imaging our future lives. He just makes me so happy and I am always so grateful for his positive attitude and ability to shift my perspective without directly telling me I am insane. Our midwife showed her presence much of the morning since we were the only ones there. She rubbed my back while I sat rear facing on the toilet to help bring the baby down. She had some funky techniques to help! One where I had a birthing ball between my legs while laying on my side and another on my hands and knees resting my arms on a bolster below me. They all worked!

Honestly, the pain never seemed “that bad” until I was ready to push. It was the strangest thing to me because it seemed like the pain, like thunder, was unexpectedly loud and strong. Around 2:30 pm it went from no pain, to holy crap baby is coming! I also remember praying for her to come because I desperately did not want a fourth round of antibiotics. Making some moaning and groaning about getting on the bed, I started to push.

At this point, I had no control of my legs. They definitely failed me. Aaron even had to get the closest he has gotten to birthing scene because he had to step in to pull my legs back. With only two minutes of pushing, out came Mara Claire, all 9lb 60z of her! Our biggest baby!

Birth Story Mara Claire

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