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august where did you go?

it seems every year that august sneaks up on summer and sprints to the end. I swear it was august 1st yesterday. Eleanor is growing so fast and has so much to say in her babbles. Everett is an opinionated toddler running in circles singing songs. Aaron celebrated his 29th birthday with some golf, pool, and splash park activities. When he asked everett if he wanted to go he replied, “oh yes, thank you!” We are approaching our 5 year anniversary this week, right before we fly to michigan for 12 weeks. I am completing my yoga teacher training with Center for Yoga in Birmingham. I am pretty excited to go through this process, but very nervous about living with my parents and the kids for 12 weeks…without my husband. Luckily, he will be visiting too. He has been so busy with instructing and certifying that we barely see him during the week days. Once we get back to Ok, he will almost be done with teaching and will begin the outprocessing for the army. Busy BUSY!

new bed time routine with toddler and 3 month old is a lot of fun. families are the best!


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