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Amelia Turns 2 Puppy Party

Amelia Puppy Party 2

There are so many wonderful things about Amelia. The last year watching her grow has been a joy. She fits into our family so snuggly. Some of her favorites:

Scooby Doo Snacks

Scooby Doo Movie (Freddie Prince Junior versions)


She is the most ticklish person ever.

Instead of saying “the other” she will say “more”. More shoe. More sock.

We celebrated her with a Puppy Birthday! After church, grandparents and aunts came over for BLT sandwiches and puppy cupcakes from Love + Buttercream.

She probably could have napped after church but she held it together for all her puppy presents. She told us to “Stop It Guys” when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She had no trouble blowing out the candles too.  After, we read her new book Antoninette before she took her nap, never letting go of her cutest puppy pal. Happy Birthday beautiful Milly girl! 🙂 We all love you so much!

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Puppy Party


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