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All the Baby Items

Baby Items

Waiting on the baby’s arrival, allows mothers to be plenty of time to scroll the internet for the latest baby things. Bottles, blankets, burp cloths, nursing bras, noisemakers, pumps, dockatots, and SO MUCH MORE! It can be a pretty saturated world as far as baby gear goes these days. Embarking on our fourth child, we have found the things that work and the items that are completely unnecessary.

Baby Items




Baby Items

If exclusively nursing is on the baby agenda, then also plan that first year to have very little time away from the babe.  Our youngest unfortunately, refused to take a bottle. She would rather go hungry than take a bottle. I really like this new Twist Shake Bottle because it can work for moms that want to use formula or breast milk. Bonus points for being super easy to clean with its wide openings. There’s already a powder box and mixer, which effectively reduces lumps in the formula and improves flow. One of the best parts is it has a unique Twistflow technology to help reduce colic.

In a collaboration with Twistshake, they are offering my readers a discount now!! Use the code kpeacock40 for 40% off the entire neon assortment of Twistshake. They ship within the US in 1-3 days AND free shipping over $25.




All the Baby Items

Blankets are so cozy, but they are also such a fun way to add character and color. It’s always a good idea to have a couple on hand because babies tend to poop and spit up quite often. I decided to splurge on one with Amelia, the Willaby, and I am glad we did. Since she was a November winter infant, this blanket kept her warm. It was also not too warm during the summer. It’s the blanket she requests for bed time. Clementine kids and Petite Haven are new with lots of fun unique prints.

Clementine Kids
Max + Moose


Mommy Clothes to Transition from Pregnancy to Nursing

All the Baby Things

I like to have a lot of loose fitting clothes the first couple months of nursing. I am more comfortable with myself and it’s easy access to the girls for nursing. I really like some of these which work those final pregnancy months as well as postpartum:


Bear with Me Onesie | Zara Jumper | Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal



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